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The role of women in traditional healing

The traditional medicine that is currently practiced by tribal women is an amalgam of healing practices. It combines approaches that were used by their ancestors since ancient times and those introduced by the Spaniards during the colonial period. All of them concentrate on the human body, flora resources, the environment and the forces that dominate and regulate the complex health-disease.

Women with an ancient knowledge that restores health

For many centuries women have been familiarized with the practice of natural medicine. They were known for the effectiveness of the herbal remedies that they used to employ to heal many imbalances regardless of the source of the problem. Thanks to them nowadays we can enjoy the benefits provided by organic preparations such as VigRX Plus.

Beyond myth, women have always had a close connection with nature and plants. This link has allowed them to absorb the knowledge left by their grandmothers or learn by intuition. Through the ages they have identified a wide variety of organic resources whose benefits have been thoroughly documented.

It is this knowledge that has allowed them for centuries to prepare infusions, ointments, oils and lotions to cure or prevent diseases. These days, such understanding of natural resources has given place to the formulation of effective supplements like VigRX Plus which restores the organic balance.

Healers that perceive health as something harmonious and holistic

The role of women in traditional healing is fundamental, as only they understand that disease is triggered by several factors which are gradually manifested in a deficient performance of organs. These innate healers know that an optimal recovery strategy should be directed towards a balance between food, emotional intelligence and social activities.

This is because the ancestral medicine that is practiced by them is mainly based on the union of body, mind and spirit, a concept that has been almost completely lost. However, they have kept the essence of these techniques as they have managed to maintain a solid and constant connection with nature.

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