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Gender roles and responsibilities in South Africa

Men from different villages often migrate to the cities in pursuit of well paid jobs. Their absence leaves women with full responsibility for the children, the care of the elderly and the feeding of the family. They also have to take care of tasks that consume a lot of time, such as collecting water and firewood. In order to find a balance in terms of gender roles and responsibilities in South Africa, several government entities are opting for the implementation of several programs. Such schemes are providing an effective response to the mentioned problems.

Strategies that promote better living conditions in the communities

Selected approaches to improve the quality of life in the communities of South Africa seek to achieve their goals by encouraging the active participation of women in their development. Some of the programs are being promoted by the Department of Health. These schemes are intended to raise awareness among the population about the importance of an adequate nutrition.

Such programs clearly explain the benefits that balanced and nutritious foods or supplements like VigRX Plus provide to the community by keeping the population well fed. In this way, the inhabitants are able to take advantage of their maximum productive potential which in turn promotes the development of the village.

The committee in charge of the management of these projects was chosen by the community based on clear criteria. People of village selected women who have been benefited by education programs promoted by the Department of Health in the past.

The role of women in the development of the community

The implementation of these programs and the inclusion of nutritious foods like VigRX Plus in the dietary regime of the male population are contributing to the development of the communities. Inhabitants are experiencing a considerable improvement in terms of performance and health which in turn leads their village to greater progress.

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